Patient 39 trailer

It was way back in November 2012, whilst on a filming trip for BBC's Horizon in California, that I started talking to director Dan Clifton about being involved with his short film, Patient 39. I joined the team as co-producer soon after then and I've thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this production - from looking … Continue reading Patient 39 trailer

3 lessons in crowdfunding

Last week I wrote a guest blog post for The Film Collaborative, a "non-profit committed to distribution educationĀ and facilitation of independent film." They had got in touch with Patient 39's director about our successful crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, and were interested to know what the top 3 lessons we learnt from the experience were. With … Continue reading 3 lessons in crowdfunding

Narrative: friend to engagement, foe to science?

When a soldier known only as Patient 39 awakes from a coma with no memory, so begins the search to discover his identity and past. This is the teaser for a short film, Patient 39, which I am currently working on. As part of my involvement I have been speaking to our science consultant, Professor … Continue reading Narrative: friend to engagement, foe to science?