Science meets design

This was co-written by me and Anne Odling-Smee and originally published on the DesignScience blog. I have republished here so people can comment if they wish. Through intelligent use of tools and resources, design can lead to a better outcome, and for less money On Monday, hosted by the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy … Continue reading Science meets design

Speaking to ‘Speaking of Science…’

A few weeks ago I found myself sitting on a bench underneath the Queens Tower in the Imperial College with Julie Gould from 'Speaking of Science'. Julie is currently finishing up her MSc in Science Communications at Imperial College, and often shares the same experience that many science communicators face when they are asked the … Continue reading Speaking to ‘Speaking of Science…’

DS blog: Narrative in medicine

Inspired by Radiolab's fantastic interview with Oliver Sacks to celebrate his 80th birthday, I wrote a post for the DesignScience blog that examines the vital role that description and narrative plays in contemporary medicine. In a captivating interview, Radiolab’s Robert Krulwich explored Sacks’ career, learning how a motorbike accident led him to switch from studying worms … Continue reading DS blog: Narrative in medicine