Degrees of authenticity

A family portrait. Everyone in their best clothes. Everyone stood tall, sitting upright. Everyone staring into the camera, not smiling, not frowning. It is a photo which is reminiscent of a Victorian portrait; an accurate depiction of a family that is doing well in life. Or is it? A couple of weeks ago my colleagues … Continue reading Degrees of authenticity

Extreme emotions

Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial. This is the name of the TV programme, shown on Channel 4 over two nights this week, which will examine the effects of MDMA (the active component of the class A illegal drug ecstasy) on the human body. Title sound a little sensational? Well yes, it is, but at the … Continue reading Extreme emotions

The Litmus Paper – days 4 and 5

Click on the pictures below to see the final two issues of this year's Litmus Paper. DesignScience Associate Phillip Kent produced programmed design solutions for each of the covers, which also exist online. The code is freely accessible enabling anyone to do their own programming and create new designs. Download the code you find here, modify it, … Continue reading The Litmus Paper – days 4 and 5

DSRG > Science and Design: Parallel Processes?

After a successful launch event at the wonderfully quirky Hunterian Museum in November 2011, the Design Science Research Group (DSRG) returned with their next event. 'Science and Design: Parallel Processes?' brought world class scientists and designers together to discuss their work processes, and how a greater understanding of how the two fields work could lead to more … Continue reading DSRG > Science and Design: Parallel Processes?

‘Sounds Design’ at the Design Museum

While you are sat reading this blog post your vision is not the only sense being stimulated. You are taking in sounds and smells of things going on around you whilst you skin touches different fabrics. As Professor Charles Spence explained in the ‘Sounds Design’ talk at the Design Museum last night, we are only … Continue reading ‘Sounds Design’ at the Design Museum

Design Science Research Group

Last night found me sipping red wine surrounded by hundreds of biological specimens!  This sounds slightly bizarre, but I was actually at an event in the Hunterian Museum in the Royal College of Surgeons. This is a wonderfully quirky museum. There are two floors of glass cabinets brimming with glass jars full of specimens from humans and animals. It was described by one … Continue reading Design Science Research Group