A winning mind

This was originally published on the blog site for The Litmus Paper, the daily newspaper for the Times Cheltenham Science Festival. The events referred to were part of the programme at the 2012 festival. *********** Although I knew the crowd filling the stadium was whooping and screaming, I couldn’t hear them. My legs felt numb. As … Continue reading A winning mind

Viral Science

Friday morning started with a random email. I was made aware of the fact that Graham Linehan, writer of Father Ted and The IT Crowd, had tweeted about a blog post which Inside Knowledge blog (a multimedia blog produced by me, David Robertson, Anna Perman and Ben Good in the summer) had posted in July … Continue reading Viral Science

The science behind lacrosse skills

On Tuesday night I faced some considerably large fears and stood up on stage to do a 9-minute science related set for Science Showoff. The subject? The science behind some skills from lacrosse. Here is a blog post based on the set. Men’s and women’s lacrosse are quite difference sport. The men’s games is essentially … Continue reading The science behind lacrosse skills

Drinking wine to understand how we see the world… no really!

A few months back, I was designated ‘scientist for the evening’ at Science in the Pub, which is held monthly at the wonderful Ritzy cinema in Brixton. I conducted a small experiment, involving red wine, which was based (oh so scientifically!) around an article I had read. A reasonably strong red wine was watered down … Continue reading Drinking wine to understand how we see the world… no really!

The science of getting some headspace

I have been regressing slowly but surely over the last few days. I have returned to leafy Surrey, to my Dad’s house, as I’m attempting to be more productive in my dissertation writing. I have to admit its absolute bliss to away from the hustle and bustle of London. Getting some headspace has definitely has … Continue reading The science of getting some headspace

Changing faces – Summer Science 2011

When you walk through the wrought iron gates of No. 6 Carlton Terrace, there is something in the air that makes you realise you are somewhere great. I never fail to have a feeling that I am privileged to be entering this place of scientific excellence. I always smile as I walk through the front doors, … Continue reading Changing faces – Summer Science 2011