Reporting from Malawi

In May I was lucky enough to travel to Blantyre, southern Malawi, to report on some fantastic health projects that are working to improve the lives of people in the warm heart of Africa   More than 100 children die from rabies every day around the world. The virus, transmitted through the saliva of infected people … Continue reading Reporting from Malawi

‘Cancer made me want mashed potato’

"Cancer and the various ways of treating it have a profound effect on your body. As part of that, the sense of taste, smell and appetite can be dramatically altered. For some patients, all food tastes of metal or their daily cup of tea or coffee becomes a complete turn off." Read the full article about … Continue reading ‘Cancer made me want mashed potato’

Sunglasses – not just a fashion accessory!

When the sun is shining, life can seem a little bit better. But the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause us harm. Many people regularly apply sunscreen to prevent skin damage and enjoy the sun in safety. But experts say it's just as important to protect our eyes and wear sunglasses. Just as the sun can … Continue reading Sunglasses – not just a fashion accessory!

Pilgrimages can help us understand antibiotic resistance

The Hindu holy sites in the Indian cities of Rishikesh and Haridwar attract millions of pilgrims each year - but they are now the destination for another group of devotees. Scientists trying to understand the rise of antibiotic resistance, considered by some to be the great health threat of our time, believe they could provide … Continue reading Pilgrimages can help us understand antibiotic resistance

The goggles that make tumours glow

Scientists are continually seeking new ways of targeting cancer - and the latest is high-tech goggles. Currently doctors treating cancer have two main approaches - bombard the tumour with drugs and radiotherapy or cut it out. The second option is very common but not always successful - because it is often also impossible to tell … Continue reading The goggles that make tumours glow

It’s not just malaria that mosquitoes can give you….

My latest feature for the BBC News website, co-written with my colleague Paula. All over the world we cannot escape mosquito bites - and the diseases they carry. An epidemic of chikungunya - a viral disease carried by daytime-biting mosquitoes - is currently raging in the Caribbean. There are more than 5,900 suspected cases affecting … Continue reading It’s not just malaria that mosquitoes can give you….

Solving the riddle of human hereditary disease… by looking in dogs

Texas is a very energetic, smart and playful German shepherd dog. "He always tries his best to please me," said his owner Helene Bäckman. But when Texas was six months old, Helene noticed that he started to behave unusually. He started to jump and bite the air repeatedly. "It´s like he sees something. He jumps and when … Continue reading Solving the riddle of human hereditary disease… by looking in dogs

Patient 39 trailer

It was way back in November 2012, whilst on a filming trip for BBC's Horizon in California, that I started talking to director Dan Clifton about being involved with his short film, Patient 39. I joined the team as co-producer soon after then and I've thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this production - from looking … Continue reading Patient 39 trailer

Science meets design

This was co-written by me and Anne Odling-Smee and originally published on the DesignScience blog. I have republished here so people can comment if they wish. Through intelligent use of tools and resources, design can lead to a better outcome, and for less money On Monday, hosted by the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy … Continue reading Science meets design