Speaking to ‘Speaking of Science…’

A few weeks ago I found myself sitting on a bench underneath the Queens Tower in the Imperial College with Julie Gould from ‘Speaking of Science’. Julie is currently finishing up her MSc in Science Communications at Imperial College, and often shares the same experience that many science communicators face when they are asked the dreaded question, ‘What do you do?’

A quizzical look and “What is science communication?” is often what I get when I tell people I’m a science communicator, or hoping to be one.

Science communication is constantly evolving and comes in many shapes and forms, so Julie decided to ask the people who are currently in the industry ‘what they do, how they got involved, why they think its important.’ The result is the wonderful interviews on her Speaking of Science website.

So the reason I found myself on that bench was because Julie had asked to do an audio interview with me to add to her podcast series. I don’t pretend I’m an expert, or know everything – I’m so early on in my career. However, I do think I have some things to share. I just hope that I didn’t come across as naive!

You can now find my interview on the Speaking of Science website.

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